Xamina Xawena

Xamina Xawena means what’s mine is yours in Tsonga, my gift is your gift.

This project is a celebration of the artwork I have been part of for the past 10 years. I’ll be dedicating 10 prints each from the 10 years I have been documenting my work. One thing I have learned about learning, is through interaction and how we define many things in our lives. As a kid to now as an adult I learned how to pronounce different words through things I have been shown and what they mean to me and the next person. 

Photography has allowed me to share the stories we don’t tell everyday but with these images, its more of appreciation of life, the people I have met, the people I worked with and the projects we have worked on that taught me a lot of the things I know today.

The Support I have received has helped me to Stay Creative


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